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Carolina Coop

Price: $4,700.00

Our most popular coop!  We can customize the size of this coop based on the size of your flock and your property. 

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Standard features include:

  • Black hardware cloth wire and henhouse screen doors are NOW INCLUDED in these prices!
  • HDPE deep litter bed, 12" deep to accommodate enough dry material for successful deep litter practices
  • Deep litter door with hidden latches that flips down for easy clean out
  • 1-2 egg hutch(es) with 3 nests each, HDPE lined
  • Silver/gray/Galvalume residential metal roofing
  • Exterior zinc hardware (latches, hinges)
  • Polycarbonate window inserts
  • Lift-off henhouse doors
  • 2-3 roost bars, equal to the width of your coop (i.e. 4x6 henhouse has two 6' roost bars, suitable for at least 12 hens)
  • Unpainted

We're glad that you took time to visit our site, and invite you to contact Carolina Coops for detailed information or answers to your questions. Give us a call at 919-794-3989 or reach out through our secure contact page and we'll be delighted to help!