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American Coop

Price: $1,995.00

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  • 6'x12' footprint, 7 1/2' tall with 4x6 henhouse elevated and inset in 6x12 run
  • Standard features include: deep litter bed, deep litter flip-down clean-out door, one egg hutch with 3 nests suitable for 12 hens, two 6' roost bars suitable for 12-15 chickens, henhouse screen doors with removable panel, 1/2 inch black vinyl coated hardware cloth wire, silver/gray/Galvalume metal roofing, and exterior zinc hardware (latches, hinges)
  • Photos shown include upgrades: extra egg hutch, special order roofing color, black hardware, and paint
  • Differences between Carolina Coop and American Coop: The American coop does not include the HDPE lining in the deep litter bed and egg hutch, the roofing system is simplified (we have eliminated the notched purlins and are using the ribs in the roofing for that support), the 2x4s are not planed so the eased edge remains, some trim is eliminated by using the framing as the trim (2 layers), rather than the 3 layers on the Carolina Coop - frame, henhouse wall, then trim.  The henhouse screen doors are a removable panel rather than a lift off door
  • Similarities: We use the same high quality materials, it's the same size, includes the upgraded wire and a modified version of the henhouse screen doors
  • Shipped to you on a 4x6 pallet in panels with the wire and henhouse panels (shown in gray) unattached to make painting or staining easier for the customer

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