Quality Construction

We are custom fine wood workers, all of the time. As chicken coop builders, we sometimes go a bit over the top!

  • We use only premium lumber.
  • All of our coops are “stick framed” just like a house with 2X4 and 2X6 lumber.
  • All of our joints are pocket screwed and glued, NOT just shot in with nails.
  • All of the hardware we use is either zinc, coated, or stainless steel to last in any outdoor environment
  • We use all premium building materials, no cheap short cuts here! We ARE building to last!
  • All of our lumber is hand picked by us. We actually look at ever single piece of lumber to ensure quality in each and every piece.
  • Trim Work - We use all hand selected solid wood for the trim and windows.
  • HIGH DENSITY POLYETHYLENE (HDPE), a USDA, FDA, and NSF food safe approved product for the entire deep litter system and egg hutch.
  • Ventilation, ventilation, ventilation!!! And LOTS of it!!

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