Chicken Coop Options

We are a Custom Wood Shop, your  chicken coop can be as elaborate or as modest as you want or need! We offer a great base model and many options to make your coop as fanciful and high-tech as you need or want!


Size does matter! We offer any size henhouse and run areas according to your need. Need to keep your flock in a run at all times? Do you like to let them free range a bit after work and on the weekend just when you’re home? Or do you need a larger hen house for your flock that free ranges most of the time and just need a small run for when you occasionally leave for the day? We offer it all, big and small.

Paint/Stain/Finish Color or Theme

All of our coops are left unpainted/untreated unless specified. You can paint it yourself, preserve the natural beauty and look by doing an oil treatment or we can finish it off for you. Have it match your home or other outbuildings or even go flashy or whimsical!


We use steel roofing on our Carolina Coops and ONDURA on our Playhouse Coops.

Wire/Hardware Cloth also called welded wire

.5 by .5 inch black PVC coated hardware cloth (welded wire) or 19 gauge black PVC coated 1 inch hex (chicken wire) by request - We use these black PVC coated products exclusively because of the durability and added protection it provides to the galvanized product it covers. Over time, exposed galvanized product will rust and deteriorate. The PVC coating on our product will protect the actual metal, making it last longer! This product IS more expensive, but will save you time and money in the long run, not having to replace your run every few years, and it looks GREAT! The only time we think the hardware cloth is necessary is if you have a high pressure of large snakes. 

Polycarbonate Window Inserts

For harsher climates, the occasional cold snap or crazy sideways rain… we offer polycarbonate window inserts to cover our handmade, screened, free flow windows.

High Density Polyethylene

USDA, FDA and NFS rated food safe. We use this HDPE to make cleaning our coops extremely easy! The entire floor and deep litter is made out of solid HDPE along with the side walls of the deep litter system as well as the egg hutch floor and dividers. If need be, the entire deep litter floor and walls can be removed easily with removing the stainless steel screws.


We offer 110V electric installed on any of our coops. A light in the henhouse to increase egg production during the shorter days in the winter or decorative lighting to accent your coop in your garden area! These can also be run on a timer switch or solar panels so you don’t have to worry about turning on and off the lights!


This is more of a local service, though I’m sure any “landscaper” in your area can help! We offer this service for two reasons. First, to make your coop location clear and or level for your coop to set and second, to literally landscape around your coop! Garden beds, flower boxes, mulch, stone, pavers… whatever your chicken lovin’ heart yearns for!

Rain Catching Auto Waterer

This system comes with gutters, install straps, downspout, deluxe 4 port- 75-gallon barrel, and food safe, PVC horizontal nipple watering bar with barrel connecting hose.


Interior, exterior, decorative and or functional, we offer it all. Pricing will be depend on fixture prices, power source and lighting package.

Henhouse Screen Doors

These were designed to fit our Carolina Coop and custom coops. These are to allow maximum air flow to your hen house, day or night. They can be locked to ensure security and are screened with our .5” X .5” black PVC coated hardware cloth. Great for our clients in “extreme heat” regions.

Run Extension Kits

These run extensions are available to fit all of our 6′ wide Carolina Coops and our American coop. This ensures that you can always grow your flock and or run as needed at your pace. The kit includes all lumber for the run and roofing structure, metal roofing, .5 X .5” black PVC coated hardware cloth, and all hardware needed for assembly. We can ship these anywhere in the USA and in Canada. They come in 6-foot increments and are easily assembled in about a weekend.

Additional Egg Hutch(s)

We offer additional egg hutches in kit form and can be shipped anywhere in the USA and Canada. If you find you need an additional egg hutch for your coop or if you’re looking to convert another structure, this can easily be assembled in about an hour and attached to our coop our yours! Complete with HDPE flooring and dividers, metal roofing, locking latch and all hardware to complete the project!

Chicken Run Doors

Automatic or manual, we can custom cut/fit a door to your coop and install it or ship it to you! These give you the option to have your flock safe in the run when needed and able to free range without leaving the large door open.

Board and Batten Siding

This offers a different look! This is like how old barns or out buildings were built.

Deep Litter Beds

The entire deep litter system is made with food safe USDA, FDA, and NFS approved High Density Polyethylene. The deep litter system allows you to only have to clean out your hen house just once a year!!

The “Old Timers” will swear by this method and it was proven to work back in war days when the men went off to fight and the women were left to tend everything. The chicken coop was not a high priority to clean out, but to simply keep it “habitable.” Instead of cleaning out the henhouses, they simply covered the floors with fresh “substrate” to get by until they could do a clean out. Over time, they realized that there was no pungent smell, the hens were healthy, it was a natural heat source in the winter and the heap on the floor had composted into a nutrient rich fertilizer ready for the garden!

While dirt floors are great for the deep litter method, “DL” can be done on almost any solid surface at all. Wood will naturally absorb and wick away any moisture from the “DL,” which is what you don’t want. Composting needs some moisture to process as it does. The wood will also deteriorate slowly from this moisture. This is why we use HDPE, it keep moisture in the “DL," it will not rot from moisture, it is extremely easy to clean and it is food safe!

The “Deep Litter” starts with a good layer of pine shavings or we LOVE industrial hemp fibers. Instead of cleaning it all out every week or so and replacing it when the poop accumulates, one simply stirs up the bedding a bit with a light rake and tosses another layer of bedding on top once a week or so.

“Ewwww! Doesn’t that stink?”
Nope – not if it’s done properly (and not if your chickens are healthy).

You see, by not removing the waste, good microbes come and make their homes in the litter. These microbes actually eat and break down the feces and consume unhealthy bacteria, leaving good bacteria behind! The microbes also help prevent infestations of lice and mites in your flock. (They won’t clean off a bird already infested – use wood ash on infested birds – but can help prevent new infestations from occurring.)

Most folks will clean out their deep litter coops once a year… being careful to leave a 1 – 2 inch layer of the “old stuff” behind. Leaving a bit of the stuff that is already composting helps the new stuff begin to break down and compost too – and that’s what you want.

And what do you get when you clean that year’s worth of chicken stuff and bedding out in the early Spring? You get the perfect compost and mulch to start your garden.

Surprisingly your coop will smell more earthy and natural. If done properly in a well-ventilated coop, there should be no ammonia or “fowl” smell.

Important points:

  • Stir up the bedding to break up any clumps every so often.
  • Don’t ever use diatomaceous earth (DE) or any other chemical insecticide in the coop bedding! This will kill off the beneficial microbes and nematodes.
  • The beneficial microbes can help prevent infestations of mites and lice in your flock.
  • Keep layering clean bedding on top of the old bedding.
  • Clean out most (but not all) of the bedding once a year or every other year, depending on your flock – most do this in early Spring and use the compost in their gardens.

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