Coop Security

We strive to keep your flock as safe as possible!

19 gauge .5 by .5 inch black PVC coated hardware cloth (welded wire) or 19 gauge black PVC coated 1 inch hex (chicken wire)

We use these black PVC coated products exclusively because of the durability and added protection it provides to the galvanized product it covers. Over time, exposed galvanized product will rust and deteriorate. The PVC coating on our products will protect the actual metal, making it last longer! This product IS more expensive but will save you time and money in the long run, not having to replace your run every few years, and it looks GREAT!

1.25 inch Stainless Steel Staples

These staples are pneumatically (air powered staple gun) shot to fasten our coated wire to you coop. These extra long, exterior grade staples are far more more superior to a smaller and just galvanized product. Ensuring safety in your coop for your flock from terrorizing predators.

Coated Screws

Used throughout to ensure longevity in any weather.

Zinc Coated Lockable Gate Latches

Used to secure all of the doors on the coop. This allows passive security with a lockable option. If you don’t need or want to lock down your coop like Fort Bragg, these latches will just simply keep your doors securely closed. If you have curious children, nosy neighbors, menacing raccoons or other predators, these locks accommodate a pad lock, combination lock or simply a carabiner clip or cotter pin to keep the “unwanted” out! (We do install a “release cable” with the latch on the run to ensure YOU don’t get locked in!)
*Black powder coated latches are available as well.

Lockable Wooden Chicken Door(s)

Available on all of our coops to help security measures when your flock is in for the night. Most common on our coops without runs, these doors can be closed and locked at night after your flock has gone into roost, then re-opened in the morning to roam. *We also offer automatic chicken doors.

Security from burrowing animals

Carolina Coops suggests and offers what is called an “Apron.” We take a 24-inch wide piece of 2 inch X 4 inch hardware cloth or welded wire and pneumatically attach it with our 1.25 inch stainless steel staples to the base of the coop all the way around the perimeter of the coop. If a burrowing creature wants to get in, they will start digging at the base of the coop. They will not back up two feet and start digging again, thus preventing any diggers from getting in.

**This can only be done by Team Carolina Coops pneumatically if we do “Turn Key Service” for the client. This can easily be done as a DIY project, even if you do not have pneumatic tools.

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