Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How many hens should I start with?

A:  Each hen will lay about 4-5 eggs per week, so the number hens are up to you.

Do I need 1 egg laying box for each hen? 
A: No. 1 egg laying box for every 3 hens is ideal. 

Is ventilation important for the chickens? 
A: Good ventilation is very important in any enclosed chicken housing.  Proper ventilation allows stale, ammonia-saturated air to be replaced with fresh air.

Q:  What options does Carolina Coops offer?

A:  Carolina Coops offers several options such as choosing your own color, roofing material, fiberglass flooring, plexi-glass window inserts and even payment options.

Q:  How do I get my Carolina Coop to my home and how much assembly do I have to do?

A:  Carolina Coops offers delivery to your home anywhere in the USA.  Pick up is always an option as well.  All Carolina Coops are built to completion and delivered ready for chickens unless purchased with ready to finish options.

Q:  What size chicken coop should I get?

A:  We recommend a coop size of 3 square feet per hen for inside the hen house and 10 square feet per hen for foraging.  Check out some of our sample models for size in comparison to the number of hens.

Q:  Do I need to worry about predators?

A:  There are several different types of predators to be mindful of, but don't worry, Carolina Coops offer several solutions to keep your chickens safe.

Q:  Does Carolina Coops offer a "Green Coop'"?

A:  Absolutely.  Simply contact us and we will be more than happy to discuss our "Green Program" with you.


Q:  I live in Durham,  can Carolina Coops help with the city ordinances?

A:  Carolina Coops understand the city laws for keeping backyard.  Below is a website address to the cities website for keeping backyard chickens in Durham. We help simplify the law to our customers to make sure they are compliant.
Just copy and paste the address. 


Q:  I'm new to the chicken world.  Will Carolina Coops help me to get started in the right direction?

A:  Most of our customers are brand new to raising hens in their backyards.  We are happy to answer all your questions, and help get you started on the right path to raising chickens with success.