Chicken coops

Townhouse  Chicken Coop


For those tight fitting areas.

Clubhouse  Chicken Coop


Perfect for free roaming chickens that need a place to call home.

The Cottage Chicken Coop

The Cottage

Dimensions Shown:  8 ft. wide x 4 ft. deep x  7 ft. tall.                              Base Price: $2750Optional Features;Board and Baton siding-Stain and Paint- Deep Litter Bed 4X8- Custom Handmade Cedar Window Boxes-  (1 set of 2)Solar Package option-...

Penthouse Chicken Coop


The perfect self contained and super easy to maintain coop for the busiest of families or hobby gardener!

Shed  Chicken Coop


A perfect coop for the large flock.

Manor House  Chicken Coop

Manor House

                                                        $2430- 6X10 Run with 3X6 Hen House- Suggested for up to 6 large...