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Cary, NC Town Council Meeting to confirm backyard chicken ordinance

So, Matt and I attended the Cary Town council meeting last night to support the group Cary Chickens!  There was plenty of advocates and of course there was 1 family opposed to backyard chickens because of the smell, noise nuisance and decline in property value if there were chicken coops in their neighborhood.  REALLY?!?!??? 
Most of us know that these could be valid concerns if the conditions for our feathered friends are kept poorly in inhumane conditions, as any animal would be dirty, smelly and loud... ie. Dogs!  Matt and I, beyond being supportive in allowing chickens, we believe there should be some guidelines or recommendations (nothing that has to be policed, simply offered information) for all of our pets!  We know first hand that if our "pets" have adequate space, food, water and shelter, they will be happy!  We believe space is the most important factor in happiness, cramped=cranky and loud (regardless of your species)!  If people are educated or offered information on chicken coops (this is not a sales ad) and spacing in regards to how many chickens to what size hen house, run and accessories such as roosting and egg laying space, there will be more happy (quiet) hens, making happy keepers as well as happy (quiet) neighbors.  The other concern was sanitation and or smell.  If you have a coop that has adequate ventilation, easy to clean, you will clean it and it won't smell... it's just that simple.  Educate and offer information to folks on what they should be looking for in a coop before they purchase! 

This is not a sales ad:
**A great chicken coop + chickens + family= A Great Life!**


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