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January 2012 Archives

Blue with ENVY...

So here is the photo update to our previous post for a "Clubhouse" coop we built and painted DUKE blue for the Martin Family in Chapel Hill, NC.  This is the first of it's kind and we couldn't be more proud.  Collegiate coops?!  I think soooo!!!!  What fan doesn't want EVERYTHING with their favorite team logo or mascot on it??   Think of all the great colors and themes...  UCLA, LSU, UNLV, Notre Dame, Penn State, UNC, Clemson...  what about your favorite pro team?  Who wouldn't love a NY Yankees chicken coop??  We cater to bean town as well, Red Sox fans!  Super Bowl champion chicken coop... Giants fans...  Pats fans...  humm???  What do you think??? We want to hear from our fans on this idea!  East coast, West Coast, North, South or mid-West...  who's you favorite team? 

Duke blue with envy!!!

Martin family in Chapel Hill...  are you ready to be envy d by all Duke fans?????  Your Carolina Coop is ready and we will see you in just a few hours to unveil your custom "DUKE Clubhouse"!!!
Photos to follow...  stay tuned!

Which is your favorite Carolina Coop and why?

Looking to see what you guys think...

which Carolina Coop is your favorite and why?

what would you like to see from Carolina Coops?

We love to hear from everyone, we are NOTHING without our friends and customers!

Working on some marketing... what would you like to see???

So I need to work on some new marketing ideas...
referral giveaways...
web site, FB, twitter and blog stuff...

any input as to what customers would like???

So today we start on a BIG project for us!!!  We are donation our time to build one of our "Shed" coops for the "Inter Faith Food Shuttle" of Raleigh, North Carolina!!!!! This is a great organization and I LOVE what they do and what they stand for. This is their mission statement...
"Inter-Faith Food Shuttle pioneers innovative, transformative solutions designed to end hunger in our community."

Here is their link so you can see more of what they do and offer our community!!!

We are very excited!!!!

Time for a Carolina Coops MASCOT!!!

So, the time comes every year when we decide we will build yet another coop for ourselves, without intent of selling!  We miss having chickens of our own!  Every year we go through the same routine...  we get chicks... we build a coop and then we get a customer who HAS to have SOMETHING NOW!!!!  chuckle.. chuckle...  So, Matt being the big softee he is, ALWAYS offers up our coop to the frantic customer.  Leaving our ladies homeless.  "The plumbers toilet always leaks." 

Well THIS time, we're keepin' our coop, I'm gonna do a little "coop-scaping" and make it real "purtty like"!  We are going to hatch some eggs with Mikey and see what we get.  We will take Mikeys favorite chick and make it our OFFICIAL CAROLINA COOPS MASCOT!!! 

Any ideas for catchy names for said mascot?  We would love some suggestions!!!! 

By the way... if you haven't already, please please please LIKE our FAN PAGE, we're trying to win a contest to get some free Google advertising!!!
Here's the link...

Can't wait to hear all the suggestions!!!  Thank You in advance