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Why choose Carolina Coops?

Your chickens deserve a safe, well-constructed dwelling that is easy to clean.
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Carolina Coops Blog

7/26/14 Carolina Coops featured at a "Modern Homesteading" event!!!

Saturday July 26 from 10-2

We will be heading out to Whole Foods, grocery store in Chapel Hill, NC for a FREE "Modern Homesteading" fair!  We will have a working PENTHOUSE coop on display featuring our Deep Litter Bed and HEMP bedding!!  Come check out the best coops made!  Made in the USA!!!  

We will also have our NEWEST accessory on display- the rain catching automatic waterer!  Never water your chickens again!!!

Also on display will be our "Shed Conversion Kit"
                                            American Hemp- Coop bedding

We will also be neighboring a booth for the NEW Urban Chicken Store located in Raleigh, NC by RDU airport!

Come check us out!!!
919.794.3989 with any questions!

Whole Foods in Chapel Hill
81 South Elliot Road
Chapel Hill, NC 27514

We will again be featured at Eno River Festival in Durham, NC on July 4th and 5th!!!  Come on down and check us out!!!  We ill be showing off our most popular PENTHOUSE coop with all of our NEWEST features and accessories!!!  
*Never water your chickens again!  With our new rain catching automatic watering system, you will never have to worry about your chickens having water!!!!  (unless in severe drought)

*Hen House screen doors- Super secure, great looking and allows maximum air flow for your flock while in the hen house!!

*Super simple "Complete Kit" assembly!!

*Shed conversion kit- Roosting bars, egg hutch complete with HiGH DENSITY POLYETHYLENE and perch bar!!


*POLYCARBONATE Window Covers, for storm and weather protection!!  Now standard on all of our coops!!

And more!!!  

Come on down or check out the festival online, great event for all!  Music, food, beer and local crafts and art... and CHICKEN COOPS!!!  

Great hands on stuff and water fun for kids of all ages!!

If you haven't already, check us out on our website and Facebook!!

Link for the ENO River Festival
Cheers to SPRING!!!  

Visit our website and Facebook to see new photos and You Tube for videos!!!  

Check out all of our new upgrades and options we offer for our coops!!  
*10W and 60W Solar Packages
*Lighting-functional and decorative
*HIGH DENSITY POLYETHYLENE DEEP LITTER BED!!!  WHAAATT?!??!  USDA, FDA & NSF certified food safe!! Offered in all of our hen houses and egg hutches as a STANDARD FEATURE!!!
*Run Extensions
*Polycarbonate Window Covers
*Automatic Chicken Doors

Just to list a few...

Even more new awesome options coming soon!!!
Stay tuned!!!

New Style "Ranch" Coop


BIG NEWS!!! Carolina Coops#2!!

I think it would be an appropriate time to announce the news of our NEW SHOP!!!  CAROLINA COOPS the 2ND!!!  We have opened a 2nd new shop in New York!!  Due to popular demand in the region, we took this GIANT step to growing our business and increase our market coverage.  Contrary to what some people think or have said, we did not close!!!  Carolina Coops is operating and thriving!  We have also added a new coop to our lineup, the PENTHOUSE!  What an amazing design it is... visually stunning and awesome functionality, with or without all of the extra features and accessories we offer.  Stay tuned to see more photos of the new shop as we continue to grow!  Thank You to all of our friends and customers for all of your support, without you this could not happen!  Our next stop CALIFORNIA BABY!!!  California and Washington State have also shown great interest in Carolina Coops.  With any luck, our customers and friends support, we can get set up on the west coast sooner than later!  Pics of the new shop to come!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Carolina Coops!

Cary, NC Town Council Meeting to confirm backyard chicken ordinance

So, Matt and I attended the Cary Town council meeting last night to support the group Cary Chickens!  There was plenty of advocates and of course there was 1 family opposed to backyard chickens because of the smell, noise nuisance and decline in property value if there were chicken coops in their neighborhood.  REALLY?!?!??? 
Most of us know that these could be valid concerns if the conditions for our feathered friends are kept poorly in inhumane conditions, as any animal would be dirty, smelly and loud... ie. Dogs!  Matt and I, beyond being supportive in allowing chickens, we believe there should be some guidelines or recommendations (nothing that has to be policed, simply offered information) for all of our pets!  We know first hand that if our "pets" have adequate space, food, water and shelter, they will be happy!  We believe space is the most important factor in happiness, cramped=cranky and loud (regardless of your species)!  If people are educated or offered information on chicken coops (this is not a sales ad) and spacing in regards to how many chickens to what size hen house, run and accessories such as roosting and egg laying space, there will be more happy (quiet) hens, making happy keepers as well as happy (quiet) neighbors.  The other concern was sanitation and or smell.  If you have a coop that has adequate ventilation, easy to clean, you will clean it and it won't smell... it's just that simple.  Educate and offer information to folks on what they should be looking for in a coop before they purchase! 

This is not a sales ad:
**A great chicken coop + chickens + family= A Great Life!**


"Why did the chicken cross the road?"
"To tell the opossum, it could be done!"
~Mr. Bob Davis 

This is by far our biggest most awesome build yet!!!  and for DUKE GARDENS/DUKE UNIVERSITY no less!!!!!  We are so excited for this addition to the NEW Educational, family focused garden.  This coop was constructed from huge re-claimed beams from an 200year old textile mill in Oxford, North Carolina that was demolished and salvaged.  We milled, on our own sawmill these beams that were 9in. by 13in. by 27feet long!!!  The construction consisted mostly of an age old joining technique of mortise and tenoning to keep with the age of the wood and period for the structure it came from.  The clap board style siding was also milled out of re-claimed pine trees that might otherwise have been turned into mulch.  The coop features many "cool factors" but, the deep litter bed is going to be a focal point for educational purposes because it is a compost in the coop!  The roof on this coop is actually a "living-green roof" added by Zero Floor, another local company.  The "green roof" is a great addition to help keep the flock cool in the summer and warmer in the winter acting as an insulator from the elements.  This is the ultimate chicken coop!  Supports and promotes "going green", increasing "sustainability" and most importantly, teaching our children where and how we get our food and how it all ties together!  Be Green... Become Sustainable... Become Aware... Buy Local!!!!  
Together we can become a better world!

Link to Sarah P. Duke Gardens...

New new educational garden is now open to the public!!!

Our new Carolina Coops videos

We have realized that information is always better relayed in visual form whether it be by photos or video. So here we go!

I would love to hear everyone's feedback... feel free to share with friends and post comments!

Earth Month @ TWIG!!!

Twig's theme for April is Upcycling.
Upcycling is the repurposing of a material into a product of higher quality. 

Come browse the creations of some of Twig's local craftspeople.
Local Artisan Showcase
Saturday, April 28th  10:00-4:00 PM

Meet our  local artists  who specialize in sustainable creations and upcycling. Shop the wares of artists including, Leslie Fesperman ( , Jacquie Barker ( , Casey Bosley ( , Slome's Creations, Lacey Lambe ( and Sonnie Plakotaris ( 


Fresh Eggs in the City
Learn tips on

Urban Chicken Farming
Sunday, April 29th 10:00-6:00 PM

Wouldn't it be nice to enjoy fresh organic eggs from your own chickens? Meet  Matt from Carolina Coops ( and Kristen - the Chicken Whisperer to get more information about starting your own small-scale chicken farm.

Drop off your Unwanted School Supplies

Twig is proud to be a donation center for the Durham-based non-profit, Crayons2Calculators. Their  mission is to meet the educational and creative needs of students in the area by providing free school supplies to classroom teachers. C2C runs a warehouse near downtown Durham where public school teachers can shop for the tools they need to educate our future leaders. 

Here are some donation ideas:

Crayons and Markers
Art & Craft Supplies

Pencils and Sharpeners
Office Supplies

For more information visit C2C's website:

Remember, we accept donations of kids' books for Book Harvest. 

Book Harvest distributes free books to kids in need.
For more information visit